Computer Lab Makeover

I decided that I wanted to redesign my computer lab this summer. I have had a jungle theme in my classroom for years and it was time for a change. I went with simple chevron theme. I still have lots to do, but wanted to give you a peek at what I have been working on.

I found this adorable poster at my local teacher store and printed out the letters. It's a cute, easy way to make your own poster!

I found this bulletin board idea on Google about two years ago. I took some black bulletin board paper and drew the cutout of a boy. I bought some cheap headphones and used staples to keep them up. I printed out the words and glued them to some bright cardstock paper!

This is a picture of my Mouse Control wall (Ignore the string handing down from my intercom). This is a great way to remind the students what the right and left click are used for!

I completely redesigned my Control Shortcuts to match my new theme. You can still purchase my old set at my TPT store, as well as this fun chevron set. The file is actually just black and white with a grey chevron border. I glued them to light blue cardstock and laminated them to give them a pop of color.

My giant keyboard will stay this year. I would love to reprint it in new colors to match my new theme, but I think I will do that next summer! I use this keyboard daily to point out where the different keys are located! It's also a wonderful way to decorate a bare wall. I used three black foam poster boards and glued all the keys down. My boards were curving on the ends so I had to nail it to the wall. Good thing I have paneling and not concrete walls!

This is my original Lab Rules poster, but with a new boarder. I had a bright zebra border around it, but had to change it to match the theme. I used a black poster board, found these adorable bright cut out letters and numbers at Wal-Mart, and used a white paint pen to write my rules. I love the way this looks with the black background. I love it even more with the teal chevron border.

I haven't decided yet what I will use this bulletin board for, but I used my cute Chevron Alphabet Letters to add this title. I may just post some technology articles or ads for my students to look at.

I absolutely love this poster! There are many different versions on the internet, but this is one that I created that focused on the four main types of social media that my students use. It's a great reminder to THINK before posting anything!

Save vs. Save as.... This drives me absolutely crazy in my classroom. I never would have thought that it would be so hard for kids to remember which one to select. Even in middle school, my students are still asking me "Mrs. Smith do I use save or save as?" I have told myself each year that I will focus on this early on to eliminate the constant questions. I guess it's just a hard concept to grasp. These posters are good reminders for those that forget!

I'm posting this picture so you can see how one side of my classroom looks. I have some computers that need to be fixed so ignore the "help signs."
I found this adorable chevron rug for under $40 at It was the perfect addition to my new room. I still have a lot of green from my jungle theme, but plan to replace that will teal or light blue to match everything else. I also have some organizing to do on my shelf and desk.

Wanted to show off my adorable desk calendar that I got from Wal-Mart and my new mouse pad from Etsy. I am loving these colors and designs!
I will be posting more pictures of my classroom as we get closer to the start of school. I am very excited about this change! Check back soon!