Final Countdown......

With school just one week away I decided I needed to change some things up in my lab and I was not going to spend a lot of money!!!!! I went to the teacher store to get mavalus tape (the best tape ever) and ended up buying things I really didn't need, but hey it's really cute!

Last year I created these computer lab posters. I wanted to display them so I created my own bulletin board. I love how it came out. It is one of the first things I notice when I walk in the room. 

Last year I used this board to display technology articles. I realized that the kids didn't pay much attention to it so I spruced it up with my lab posters.
Computer Lab Posters

I love how this welcome board turned out. I don't have all my classes filled in because I am waiting on my schedule. The black chalkboard decor is my favorite this year.

Large Alphabet Flags

I needed a new bulletin board so..... Pinterest to the rescue! I love these cursor posters. They are great visuals for my students. I created this version so that I could share it.

I hope that the start of your school year is great! I hope to post more and share all my ideas with you! 


Elementary Techie Teacher