Tech Ideas

Each week I share different tech ideas with my teachers. My goal is to help them integrate technology into their classrooms without having to spend all their planning time searching for the perfect website or game. Now I want to share them with you!

I learned about View Pure at conference this past summer and wish I would have learned about it sooner. This site lets you enter the URL of a YouTube video and it will create a new link that doesn't include ads. You can copy and paste the link to a presentation or save it as a bookmark to view later. You can also save the "purify" button as a bookmark and clean up ads with just one click. 

I taught 2nd grade for 4 years and wish that I would have known about Go Noodle. You can sign up for free and get access to short videos that get your kids up and moving and are perfect for brain breaks. I love the simplicity of the site! Go to Go Noodle now and see how cool this site is!

I recently stumbled across a blog page that includes an amazing amount of interactive websites and games. The best part about this site is that the activities are organized by subject. I definitely recommend checking this out! Click here


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